The RETURN of “Scooter McGee!”

Friends, fans, and new comers, I’m Scooter McGee and although my departure from terrestrial radio in 2019 was my choice, since then and until now 2/21/2022 I’ve remained mostly silent.

No one wants “opinions” of a former member of the mainstream media and what the people of the world only really want the facts of the headlines, and just want to make their own opinions.

I intend to do just that! Daily 20mim video stream of HEADLINE REAL NEWS that may/may not be covered elsewhere! You will be able to watch LIVE or simply save for later and keep track of accuracy or error on your own!

 Please follow me for exclusive content not ”allowed” on certain social media streams the you may have followed me in before.

The 1st episode will premiere at 11:00pm MST on 2/21/2022- and I hope to provide the world REAL NEWS from a different way the world may have forgotten. Headlines and facts as reported no AGENDA other than discerning truth from lies!

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