4/30/2022 X-Rated GRAPHIC Shallow Moments w/Scooter McGee

Rodney King, O.J. Simpson, and George Floyd. A joke vs an observation on what’s “fake news” from back then vs now. Why are the men in the #NFL #DRAFT dressing like pumps? Why is professional sports promoting gang culture? Why are so many New York #Mets getting hit with baseball’s in the 1st month of #MLB 2022 season? Are they using digital coupons and discounts to figure out what products will be “rationed” during world war 3?

I’m just asking questions, making observations, and giving one mans opinion. #Bullies need to be dealt with, NOT negotiated with! Words are nothing more than words, and stop letting them tell you otherwise! Homeland Security’s new “Misinformation/Disinformation Governance Board as straight out of George #Orwell’s #1984 and media isn’t taking this seriously so they can create it before you figure it all out-
They are not incompetent
They are in on it!

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