I am Kevin Blake, the webmaster for ScooterMcgee.com and a close friend of Scooter for over a decade. I am deeply saddened to inform you of Scooter McGee’s passing in July 2022. Scooter was survived by his mother and brother. He will be forever missed and remembered by all who knew him and found inspiration from his words.  

Scooter McGee is a veteran broadcast professional with 34 years of industry experience. Sometimes described as gritty, emotional, and compelling, Scooter always delivers a level of comic commentary that is sure to make you laugh. While some would consider him an over-the-top shock entertainment specialist, Scooter is truly an acquired taste in headline news presenters…somewhere between the right and the dark abyss of eternal despair.

He is uniquely qualified to deliver the hard news and grandma’s cookie recipes from the bunkers of war-torn nations such as Unameistan, Whocaresistan, and oppressive West Korea. Scooter is an original Conspiracy Keeper and has been shadow-banned, memory-holed, metric-denied, and uninvited to both Sunday dinner and all award ceremonies.

For these reasons (and many more), you should subscribe and support this content creator.

Godspeed, Gotham

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