The Scooter McGee Show is dedicated to making sure that YOU take the 1st steps towards taking back this country before it is really too late! That dedication is only to show the full story cover-up's by all parties involved!

There are those who still doubt and say..."Anyone can publish stuff on the web..." and I would agree with that only up to a point. However, when a tsunami of information at anyones mere fingertips is ignored and we do not take action, well honestly whose fault is it then?

I will be the 1st to admit that I do not have all the answers as to who, why, and when. I do know that NOW is the time to wake up and take our leaders to task and explain why they do the opposite of what we elected them to do!

We can beat them at their own game simply by knowing fact from fiction.

Paranoia is Patriotic...

Patriotic means being Prepared

Preparation is Hope

Hope breads survival

Survival means strength

Strength enables questioning authority

Questioning authority means being paranoid...Having the strength to survive is why we breathe.

Another election is about to come and go, but the truth behind the stories of the headlines of the day won't go away unless YOU let it happen!

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