About Scooter McGee

Radio talk show host Scooter McGee has a three hour show between 9pm and Midnight mountain time, Monday-Friday, on  KFKA 1310 AM Greeley, Colorado. Considering the show is bracketed between Michael Savage and Neil Boortz, it is refreshingly "progressive", with an open mic format and an emphasis on conspiracy, collusion and non-transparency of government.

The host has a tongue-in-cheek, sardonic sense of humor and a pleasant demeanor with guests regardless of their political ideology. 

This show is actually far better than many nationally syndicated shows and far easier listened to regardless of your political persuasion.

Remarkably, for a local show, he has the ability to get national guests, including Presidential candidates from both major parties and the various third party alternatives as well.

Callers converse with both Scooter and any guest he has on equally. The only request that McGee makes is that, even if opposed to the particular topic, callers remain civil and engage in legitimate discourse with him or his guests.

The show has wide Internet following as evidenced by having received over 100,000 hits in the first 60 days of the show's broadcasting.

Much of the apparent [instant] popularity for the show is actually due to more than 4 years of hard work by McGee developing a huge Podcast and Internet radio audience before being offered his own show on broadcast radio in late April, 2007.

His Conspiracy Keepers and the New World Order Report shows, broadcast by US Progressive Liberty Airwaves Network on their We The People radio station - Live365 and the accompanying Podcasts absolutely topped the talk, political and government genres at Live365 and placed the station into the top 700 of over 35,000 stations on Live365 listened to by early April of 2007.


The show is a mix of comedy, paranormal, conspiracy and political topics.

McGee notes that "we talk about topics other shows in the [progressive talk] format won't even touch, and ask the questions listeners would if they were sitting in my chair". Much of the show takes the form of balanced interviews, open phone lines for callers to participate with guests, and honest, candid commentary by McGee.

The show takes several calls from listeners each hour at the phone number 1-877-353-1310. McGee says that "this is a radio version of a town-hall meeting and all points of view are respected, tolerated and given equal consideration".

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